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Cost comparison DEMKOR vs Phosphate/sulfite

Boiler Data
Pressure 10.0 bar
Steam Output 3.0 t/h
Condensate Recovery 90.0 %
Fuel Natural gas, dry
Consumption 2 million cubic meters
  • Cost Saving products: -5,680.00€/Year

  • Cost Saving Water:     6,832.00€/Year

  • Cost Saving Energy:    13,857.00€/Year

  • Total Cost Savings:     14,803.00€/Year

  • The alternative to phosphate and sulfite treatment

  • Positive impact on material longevity

  • 100% ecological, non-toxic and manufactured from renewable raw material

  • 4-in-1 solution

More savings on water and energy

Enables more savings on water and energy than phosphate and sulfite treatment. It is not a salt solution, meaning that it does not increase conductivity nor decrease soda decomposition. In addition, our solution enables longer cycles of concentration, which decreases blowdown by up to 80%.

Oxygen scavenging

DEMKOR causes residual in oxygen in steam boiler and hot water system to be absorbed efficiently and extremely quickly.

DEKOR has an additional mechanism against corrosion. The active ingredient, creates a protective layer that promotes corrosion protection. This layer does not influence heat transfer. The layer formation is a reversible, dynamic process.

Strong hardness stabilising effect

The classic Demkor formula, prevents residual scale deposits through Threshold effect. The scale deposits are not transformed into sludge with poor solubility as with Sulfite/Phosphate treatments. Instead they are dispersed and can be removed by blowdown during the operation.

Dispensing and control technology for efficient water treatment

With us, you receive system planning, design, and installation in addition to online monitoring and service from a single source.

As a provider of integrated solutions, in addition to our efficient water additives we also offer automated dispensing technology for optimized product use and state-of-the-art water treatment systems. Thanks to online monitoring and KORN eService, you can monitor your system anywhere, anytime. We also have modern reverse osmosis and softening units in our portfolio.
We are glad to prepare a technical proposal for sustainable water treatment for you that includes service and maintenance.

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Dispensing and control technology for efficient water treatment

With us, you’ll stay informed of the status of your systems and water circuits at all times, anywhere you go. We’re online for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We help you monitor and manage all aspects of your systems. Automate the monitoring of key parameters such as conductivity, pH, hardness, temperature, water consumption, and product level.
We provide you configurable historical performance analyses for every system and every water circuit including statistical evaluations, laboratory reports, and automated alerts.
Would you like immediate on-site support from our service staff in the event that thresholds are exceeded? Or perhaps a current evaluation of the parameters and performance of your circuits and systems at the press of a button?
We’re here to assist you.

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