MV2Tech has the ambition to reconcile economy and ecology. In effect, one often faces the trade-off between improving efficiency and reducing the environmental footprint of an industry. Despite the latter is usually considered to be inevitably a sunk cost, we do reject this idea and come up with real solutions.
On the other hand, climate change has become a major concern for industries and public authorities, such that the society as a whole is involved in this shift towards sustainability.

In this context, MV2Tech aims at developing technologies with a positive impact on both the environment and the economic performance of its clients. Attention mainly focuses on alternatives identified by our experts as “game changers” in industrial optimisation, displaying an impressive track record in a wide range of firms and sectors, and able to stand the test of time.

Not only does MV2Tech support these so-called green techs in terms of business development, it also builds strong partnerships in research and development. The main issues tackled by MV2Tech are the excessive use of energy, water and fuel in industries.


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Behnam VossoughiHead of Operations
Bahram VossoughiHead of Sales
Alexandre MahfoudhHead of Finance
Parham MohityHead of Customer Service

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